About Us

 The Big Idea

We want to give everyone the opportunity to wear fun and colourful earrings with no unwanted reactions. Sensitive ears don’t mean you can’t show off your bright and glamorous side.


Our story

After wearing the same boring pieces of body jewellery for 15 years, my fabulous husband wanted to buy me earrings for Christmas 2016 that reflect my love of colour and sparkle.

    In 2016 he ran into the same problems as I’m sure you have:
    • Is this going to cause a reaction?
    • Is this really hypoallergenic?
    • What is titanium?
    • What the heck is titanium steel??? (fyi, it’s another name for stainless steel, which with a 12% Nickel content, it’s no good for sensitive ears like mine.)


    With his product design background and love of problem solving, he set out to find the answer. In the course of his researching, he found that around 15 % of the population have the same issue. The BIG IDEA was born!

    We are committed to selling only truly hypoallergenic jewellery, that is safe and comfortable for over 99% of the world to wear day in day out with no issues. To achieve this, we work closely with a small number of suppliers to ensure highest grades of purity in our titanium and assay test regularly to ensure our standards remain super high. We offer a no hassle returns policy if you ever do run into issues, so that you can give, gift, and receive with total piece of mind.


    Jim is the boss man, designer, problem solver, hands on tinkerer. With his product design and fine art foundation degrees followed by more than 10 years working in the design and engineering fields he has the practical experiences to match his curiosity.  In his spare time he is a gym bunny, video game enthusiast, dedicated family man and is far too fond of his various tinker projects.  During these covid times he has started spray painting bikes!?!

    Sula is his willing assistant and wife, after spending her early 20’s working an eclectic ranges of jobs from croupier to sandwich maker she then switched to gardening. After retraining and getting her RHS Level 3 Diploma, she then spent the next 7 years working on large private estates. As the business grew she joined Jim in 2019 and has leant how to do all the paperwork, writing and other random things needed to free Jim up to concentrate on making and designing. In her spare time she gardens, looks after our beautiful daughter and equally beautiful if daft greyhound Tina, and runs for fun. In the last year she has leant how to do her own acrylic nails, follow us on Instagram to see sparkly nails and the earrings that inspired her. She does so love to be colour coordinated!

    Tina is our derpy retired racer. Silent trip hazard, lover of fusses and queen of the sofa. Her main role is to keep us sane when things are busy (long may that last!).